Dana Fogarty, VMD


Dr. Fogarty is a veterinarian at Clementon Animal Hospital. She grew up in Woodstown, NJ, and currently resides in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Fogarty completed her undergraduate studies at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) in 2003 and earned a VMD degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2009. Prior to joining Clementon Animal Hospital in June 2012, she was an intern in small animal medicine at Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware, and then went on to practice veterinary medicine at Rothman Animal Hospital. Dr. Fogarty has a special interest in veterinary surgery, exotic animal medicine, and holistic and alternative therapies.

Outside of work, Dr. Fogarty enjoys spending time with her family and exercising. She has one dog, a 9-year-old German Shepherd mix named Rayna and two cats, a 11-year-old calico named Pita and 6 year-old Calvin.

Dr. Dana Fogarty, VMD