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Hope everyone is looking forward to the Summer Season. Here are some useful tips to help keep your pets happy and safe in the coming months:

  1.   Kitten and Dog sitting in grass
    Always ensure pets have free access to water.

  2. Pets should not have access to fertilizers, insecticides, and even some brands of mulch (in large amounts), as they can be toxic.

  3. Always make sure pets have plenty of shade. And watch the weather. If a heat advisory is announced, it's best to keep pets indoors until temperatures cool off.

  4. Here are the warning signs of heat stroke: excessive panting and drooling, bright red gums, balance problems, lethargy, and labored breathing. If a pet is struggling or obviously is suffering from heatstroke, cool it in a pool or pond and call the veterinarian immediately. Keep in mind bulldogs, and other short nosed (brachycephalic) breeds are more at risk.

  5. Do not leave pets in an enclosed vehicle, because cars can heat up to over 100 degrees in mere minutes. If you see an animal left alone in a vehicle, don't hesitate to call animal control for assistance.

  6. Pets should always wear updated identification tags or a microchip, should they get loose.

  7. Schedule outside activities in the mornings and evenings when it's still cool, and watch out for hot pavement, which can burn pets' paws.

  8. Keep an eye on pets while swimming — not all dogs are good swimmers. Life jackets are also available for dogs. Also, keep in mind dogs don't always know how to get out of the pool on their own.