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It is difficult to think about right now, but with the arrival of school buses it is hard to forget that winter is coming. Hopefully, everyone has had a restorative and healthy summer with their furry family. Let's all plan together to keep everyone safe through the fall and winter seasons.

  •   Cat Otto warming by fireplace
    Pets are well adapted to cold weather. They do not sweat like humans and have a wonderful natural winter fur coat. However, very small breed dogs, pediatric pets, and geriatric pets are more sensitive to cold weather. Also, breeds bred to have little to no coat are also susceptible; think of Sphynx cats or Chinese Crested dogs.

    Consider putting a sweater on your pet and spending shorter amounts of time outside when the temperature is below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't forget to factor in wind chill also!

  • Cats are experts at finding warm places and believe it or not, they will find their way under your car hood and into the engine. Make sure to bang your car or beep the horn BEFORE starting your car.

  • Rock salt can be very irritating to a dog's paws. There are many pet friendly options of ice melting products. If your pet walks in rock salt, wipe their feet down with a damp cloth when coming inside.

  • Pets will drink antifreeze they find on the ground because it is sweet. This can damage their kidneys. Antifreeze is a bright green color and is usually found where a car was parked. Make sure to stay alert of this potential danger.

  • Frozen lakes or streams should be avoided, no matter how solid they look!